HotelDruid Website Pages


Website Pages Description

 Hoteldruid allows you to create webpages, that is pages to be integrated in your own website so that the visitors can have access to database informations updated in real time. The graphical integration of the page with the website can be total as you can insert your own html code aruond the central element of the page.
 Once that the page is created, it can be moved anywhere in your site or on other sites, as long as the data to access the database inserted at the moment of creation remain valid. But it is more convenient to set up the path where the file will be placed before creating it, this way you will be able, should you have the necessity to create it again to modify something, to start from the settings inserted the last time and furthermore the page will be automatically updated when you update hoteldruid or when a new year is created.

Page to Check Availability - Demo

 This page allows the website visitors to check the availability of the room types and the periods to which they are interested in and calculate the corresponding price. If the rooms are still available the possibility to fill up a form to request the reservation will be offered and the request will arrive to you as an email or as a new message inside hoteldruid. In the second case you'll have the ability to insert the reservation, with the data inserted by the client in the form, by pushing a button at the side of the message. Otherwise instead of outright inserting the reservation you will be able, using the documents of hoteldruid, to answer with a default email that can anyways be modified, before sending it, to answer some eventual questions from the client.
 The client, besides the period and the type of rooms, can also ask for eventual extra costs, insert the number of people or make multiple requests. Also the fields of the reservation request form can be customized as you can choose which ones you want to be asked and which ones are needed to send the form. Yuo can also add your own custom fields, for example to ask for credit card data, but in this case it will be necessary to take the adequate security measures (in this case you are advised to use the instant booking page).

Page to Display the Availability Calendar - Demo

 This page allows you to create a box containing the calendar that shows the days in which each room type is still available. You can possibly choose not grouping rooms by types and showing them all separately. The calendar will automatically update availability when any modification is carried out inside hoteldruid.

Page to Display the Rates Table - Demo

 This page allows you to create the table containing selected periods and thier respective prices of the selected rates. You can also select the extra costs to be shown below the table. The table and the extra costs data will be automatically updated should they be modified inside hoteldruid.

Other Pages

 There are 2 additional pages available in the booking engine module, one for instant booking and the other for booking confirmation and management.