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Customer tesimonials of the hoteldruid hosting service:

  • I have been using hoteldruid now for over a year for our small resort in Lombok. It has drastically changed (for the better) how we manage our bookings. It is so easy to use and understand and Marco is always there to help if we have a problem. We will be using it for many years to come. Thank you!
    Mei-Lin - Imaj Villas
  • Hoteldruid hosting has been great for my clients. Marco provides excellent and fast technical support and the service is very reliable.
    Rik Logtenberg - Yellowseed Web Development
  • Hoteldruid is an excellent hotel management system for small businesses. At the beginning of my activity I tried many alternatives, all very expensive, but I have never found the easy of use of hoteldruid. It's 3 years that I'm using it and in this time it has improved a lot. I strongly recommend the hosting on servers, I've never had problems and for a reasonable price you get many advantages, especially the automatic updates to new releases. Another key feature for me, not present in any other commercial software, is the seamless integration with Finally, and perhaps most important, is the impeccable assistance of the developer, Marco, ready to respond to any questions or solve any problem that occurs. Also very useful is the availability of Marco in implementing small paid changes to customize at best the product to specific requirements. With the continuing development of hoteldruid I am sure it will become increasingly complete.
    Filippo Castiglioni - InternoUno, Roma
  • The hosting service has solved many problems in the management of my reservations, in particular the possibility to verify the rooms availability from everywhere with the handheld. The system is quite simple and intuitive, the price/quality ratio is very good. The dates choice is not very readable (I would prefer being able to type in the classical dd/mm/yyyy notation), the general judgement anyway is highly positive.
    Michele - B&B Sara
  • We have 2 accounts with Digitaldruid and sincerely we have never met with incidents or malfunctions. Unfortunately we have not yet been able to use it at 100% as we use 2 different currencies, but when the Euro will arrive in the Czech Republic it will be certainly better. The system allows much more functions than a year ago and I figure that the idea is to get it even better. The only remark that I make to Marco is adding the possibility to create versions for printing as unfortunately they get crippled... anyway everything is perfect.
    Simone - Oikes


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