HotelDruid Booking Engine


On-Line Booking Engine Description

 The booking engine for hoteldruid consists of 2 website pages in addition to those that are already normally created by hoteldruid. These pages are available only to the subscribers of our hosting service (included in the price) or by purchasing the add-on module.
 The supported payment methods are PayPal (also with integrated credit card form), Stripe, Mercadopago for Latin America and direct credit card data collection.

Page for Instant Booking - Demo with PayPal - Demo with Credit Card

 This page is very similar to the availabity check one, but instead of the reservation request form there is another one to immediately complete the reservation, either by paying the deposit with an on-line payment service like PayPal, or alternatively collecting credit card data.
 After verifying the email address validity, the client will be sent to the on-line payment service website where he will be able to securely fulfil the payment towards your account, for example with PayPal he can make credit card payments even without being registered. If you don't use an on-line payment service you will have to worry about managing the credit card numbers of your clients in a secure way, for this purpose the numbers are saved with encryption in hoteldruid database and they are collected only on a secure ssl connection (already available on our hosting service). As soon as the page will be notified that the payment transaction has been fulfilled the reservation will be inserted in the hoteldruid database and a confirmation email will be sent to the client. So there is no need of an external operator intervention, you will be informed of the new reservation by email and will find it immediately in the reservations list.

Page to Confirm an Already Inserted Reservation - Demo with PayPal

 When a reservation has been previously inserted in hoteldruid the client can complete it by paying the deposit on-line. The deposit payment is carried out with an on-line payment service or by collecting credit card data, as for the previous instant booking page. Besides the payment you can also ask to fill in some client and guests data that are eventually missing (web check-in). To access the resticed area to confirm the reservation you will have to send to the client the reservation code found in the reservation details inside hoteldruid. This task is made easier by the hoteldruid documents that allow you to send a predefined email in which a direct link to the page restricted area can be inserted. Once the client has completed the payment the paid amount will be automatically updated in hoteldruid.