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 To install hoteldruid locally you will need a web server (Apache recommended) with php support and one database between Mysql, Postgresql and Sqlite. For Windows there is also a local installer. For Debian and Debian-based Linux distros like Ubuntu there is available a package that will also install all required software. On other Linux distributions you'll normally find the required software included as precompiled packages. If you want to completely avoid the install process and use HotelDruid from anywhere connected to the Internet, subscribe to the DigitalDruid.Net HOSTING, where you will also find all hoteldruid add-on modules already pre-installed.

After downloading it follow the instructions in the README carefully!

Latest Release

hoteldruid version 3.0.6 (November 3, 2023). What's new: possibility to copy existing or deleted reservations, fixed security bugs.

Tar.gz file

Zip file

Debian package

Windows Installer

 This is a package to install on Windows a version of HotelDruid limited to the local desktop (not reachable from other computers on the network).

Windows Installer

Add-On Modules

 The add-on modules for hoteldruid can be purchased and downloaded from HERE. However it's recommended using them from the HOSTING service where they are already pre-installed.

Package for Hosting Backup

 This is a Debian package for Ubuntu (you may need to use GDebi for installation), Debian or any other Linux distro based on Debian that allows you to easily install on your local computer a replica of your HotelDruid installed on the DigitalDruid.Net hosting, with daily updates. You can use this backup in case of temporary loss of your Internet connection or to access the HotelDruid database locally. If you want to use Mysql as your local database then install the package mysql-server before installing this package. Please note that the support for this package and anything related with it is not included in the official DigitalDruid.Net hosting support.

Debian package
for hosting backup


hoteldruid version 3.0.5: tar.gz - zip - deb - exe. What's new: improvements for document conditions and attachments, new payment details, minimum number of people and fixed security bugs (March 16, 2023).

hoteldruid version 3.0.4: tar.gz - zip - deb - exe. What's new: more options for emails sending, better data import when adding periods and fixed security bugs (April 16, 2022).

hoteldruid version 3.0.3: tar.gz - zip - deb - exe. What's new: new document to export reservations and fixed security bugs (August 20, 2021).

hoteldruid version 3.0.2: tar.gz - zip - deb - exe. What's new: adjustments for php8, minor improvements and bug fixes (July 20, 2021).

hoteldruid version 3.0.1: tar.gz - zip - deb - exe. What's new: integration of person types into extra costs and bug fixes (February 11, 2020).

hoteldruid version 3.0: tar.gz - zip - deb - exe. What's new: multi-currency payments and discounts, possibility of storing data of deleted reservations and more (November 7, 2019).

hoteldruid version 2.3.2: tar.gz - zip - deb - exe. What's new: fixed various bugs (February 27, 2019).

hoteldruid version 2.3.1: tar.gz - zip - deb. What's new: extended support for custom person types and fixed various bugs (February 20, 2019).

hoteldruid version 2.3: tar.gz - zip - deb. What's new: initial support for custom person types and bugfixes (November 9, 2018).

hoteldruid version 2.2.4: tar.gz - zip - deb. What's new: new privileges to modify reservations and fixed bug in the automatic assignment of the previous version (October 1, 2018).

hoteldruid version 2.2.3: tar.gz - zip - deb. What's new: enhanced table with rates and with single rate, showing availability and minimum stay (June 4, 2018).

hoteldruid version 2.2.2: tar.gz - zip - deb. What's new: ability to access documents as if they were an API and other improvements (28 February 2018).

hoteldruid version 2.2.1: tar.gz - zip - deb. What's new: new document for cleaning report and enhancements to prices import between rates (27 July 2017).

hoteldruid version 2.2: tar.gz - zip - deb. What's new: automatic assignment of multiple units, for example to have a rate that reserves all beds in a room. Faster search of nearby rooms or beds (22 December 2016).

hoteldruid version 2.1.4: tar.gz - zip - deb. What's new: added icons to graphic themes and better view on mobile devices (6 February 2016).

hoteldruid version 2.1.3: tar.gz - zip - deb. What's new: custom comments for reservations, import user customizations and many bugfixes (29 October 2015).

hoteldruid version 2.1.2: tar.gz - zip - deb. What's new: some bugfixes and improvements to documents, extra costs and selection of reservations (26 January 2015).

hoteldruid version 2.1.1: tar.gz - zip - deb. What's new: many bugfixes, improved management of inventory items (12 November 2014).

hoteldruid version 2.1: tar.gz - zip - deb. What's new: rules to close apartments and rates, import of email messages and more (25 March 2014).

hoteldruid version 2.0.3: tar.gz - zip - deb. What's new: improved documents system and interaction with month table, possibility to permanently synchronize the prices of 2 or more rates (9 March 2013).

hoteldruid version 2.0.2: tar.gz - zip - deb. What's new: advance by 1 or 7 days in month table and new conditions for documents (11 December 2012).

hoteldruid version 2.0.1: tar.gz - zip - deb. What's new: fixed some bugs in the management of rates with per person prices (24 June 2012).

hoteldruid version 2.0.0: tar.gz - zip - deb. What's new: rates with fixed and per person prices at the same time, new options for extra costs, drag & drop of reservations in month table and more (12 June 2012).

hoteldruid version 1.3.2: tar.gz - zip. What's new: the name has been changed from php-residence to hoteldruid. Possibility to change the name of the rental unit, multiple cashboxes and more (14 July 2011).

php-residence version 1.3.1: tar.gz - zip. What's new: multi-language documents, commissions also on discount and extra costs, deposit as the price of the first days and more (8 November 2010).

php-residence version 1.3.0: tar.gz - zip. What's new: taxes and commissions, point of sale for extra costs, enhancements in documents management and more (4 June 2010).

php-residence version 1.2.2: tar.gz - zip. What's new: documents as agreements to be accepted in availability template and fixed a bug documents generation (2 December 2009).

php-residence version 1.2.1: tar.gz - zip. What's new: enhancements in internet templates creation (24 November 2009).

php-residence version 1.2: tar.gz - zip. What's new: prices per person, enhancements in documents generation and more. New years are now created on January the 10th. Changed license to GNU Affero GPL (25 May 2009).

php-residence version 1.1.1: tar.gz - zip. What's new: enhancements and new features in extra costs, inventory management and documents generation (16 November 2008).

php-residence version 1.1: tar.gz - zip. What's new: modification of groups of reservations, statistics, goods inventory, groups of users and privileges to modify rates. Improved management of internet templates which now have different default filenames too (26 June 2008).

php-residence version 1.0.1: tar.gz - zip. What's new: fixed a security bug and another one when modifying reservations in close apartments (20 January 2008).

php-residence version 1.0: tar.gz - zip. What's new: graphical theme updated (6 January 2008).

php-residence version 0.7.2: tar.gz - zip. What's new: fixed a bug in version 0.7.1 that made you loose reservations imported when creating a new year, graphic theme updated (26 December 2007).

php-residence version 0.7.1: tar.gz - zip. What's new: origin of reservations, extra costs lists in documents and more (12 November 2007).

php-residence version 0.7: tar.gz - zip. What's new: sqlite database support, recording of guests data and assignment in close apartments (4 June 2007).

php-residence version 0.6.4: tar.gz - zip. What's new: added internet template with availability calendar, new extra costs assignment rules for special offers, new rule to assign the number of people to a rate (20 November 2006).

php-residence version 0.6.3: tar.gz - zip. What's new: fixed two bugs when inserting and modifying reservations (4 September 2006).

php-residence version 0.6.2: tar.gz - zip. What's new: contracts backup, internet template with rates table and calendar date-pickers (2 August 2006).

php-residence version 0.6.1: tar.gz - zip. Fixed a security problem and other bugs (31 May 2006).

php-residence version 0.6: tar.gz - zip. Contracts in rtf and email format with custom variables, message system with insertion of reservation requests from internet and other enhancements (23 February 2006).

php-residence version 0.5.5: tar.gz - zip. Better behaviour between years, extra costs as minimum stay, choose intervals in dates menus. (14 November 2005).

php-residence version 0.5.4: tar.gz - zip. Indicative availability overview, backup compression, modify apartments table (8 August 2005).

php-residence version 0.5.3: tar.gz - zip. Use previous data when creating templates, edit contracts from browser (11 July 2005).

php-residence version 0.5.2: tar.gz - zip. Fixed a bug that did not permit to make new installations (12 April 2005).

php-residence version 0.5.1: tar.gz - zip. Check-in and chek-out registration, payment methods, graphical themes (9 April 2005).

php-residence version 0.5 many new possibilities for extra costs application; partially changed the upgrade from previous versions procedure, consult the README. (16 March 2005).

php-residence version 0.4.5 fixed some bugs, some of them regarding the creation of new years (3 January 2005).

php-residence version 0.4.4 fixed a bug in extra costs calculation when modifying a reservation (14 November 2004).

php-residence version 0.4.3 fixed a bug in creation of new apartments (29 June 2004).

php-residence version 0.4.2 fixed some bugs (21 May 2004).

php-residence version 0.4.1 subordination to another installation and association of fares with users (12 May 2004).

php-residence version 0.4 User authentication with privileges system, insertion of more reservations at once and more; probably 0.3.3 is still more stable (23 April 2004).

php-residence version 0.3.3 Fixed a bug in the function of allocation of the apartments (07 April 2004).

php-residence version 0.3.2 Improved performance of assignment function and translation in spanish (30 May 2003).

php-residence version 0.3.1 Creation of templates to check availability from internet and fixed small bugs (25 February 2003).

php-residence version 0.3 mysql support, assignment function rewrite, arbitrary number of fares and more; probably 0.2.4 is still more stable (26 November 2002).

php-residence version 0.2.4 Fixed another bug in the function of allocation of the apartments (14 June 2002) .

php-residence version 0.2.3 Fixed a bug that could cause to change apartment for a reservation already begun, more evident if you use daily periods (30 May 2002).

php-residence version 0.2.2 Fixed some bugs, one could cause an apartment to appear occupied when it was free (10 April 2002).

php-residence version 0.2.1 Minor feature enhancements (18 February 2002).

php-residence version 0.2 First release in english (4 January 2002).

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