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  • MENU:Here you find the most used features of HotelDruid
    • PAYMENTS: Here you can inser payments
    • PRICES: Prices for rooms and extra-costs
    • RULES: Assignment rules and closure rules
    • POINT OF SALE: Sell aditional stuff in your hotel and charge it directly to the customer's bill(laundry, rentals etc)
  • RESERVATION:to Insert a new reservation.
  • CLIENT:Insert a new Client without the need of a reservation
  • MONTH: Show a calendar of the reservations of the month you pick with the customer's name and leght of stay
  • RESERVATIONS:Table with all the reservations of the current year and subsequent.
    • ALL: shows all reservations for the current year
    • CURRENT: Table with all the reservations that are currently in the hotel's premises.
    • FUTURE: Table with all the reservations that are coming
    • DEPARTURES:Table with all the reservations that have left.
  • CONFIGURE: Configuration options
    • USERS: Create and delete users with different permitions
    • TEMPLATES: Templates for inserting in websites
    • BACKUP: Create or upload a backup
    • DOCUMENT: create reports, invoices, emails in HTML, RTF etc

Upgrading versions

  • upgrades: How to upgrade your version to a new one

Creating a new year

  • New year: How the new year creation works
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