How to Contribute to HotelDruid



 DigitalDruid.Net releases hoteldruid as a free and open source software, but, if you find that hoteldruid is useful to your activity, there are various ways to help its future development to continue getting a product always up to date. For now direct contributions with modified source code are not accepted, but in this page you'll find a list of other possible contributions.

Bugs reporting

 Reporting bugs (programming errors) helps hoteldruid getting better quality. But to be sure that these reports are truly helpful there are some rules to follow.
The most important one is that, if the bug has been found on an installation of hoteldruid where the source code has been even slightly modified, you should try to verify if you can replicate the bug on the original hoteldruid code, before reporting it. In fact reporting bugs due to other's people modifications takes away time from the development of new hoteldruid features. If you find out that the bug is caused by your alterations, the DigitalDruid staff, as always, will be available to explain how the original code works and to help finding out the possible causes of the error.
 It's also a good practice sending a detailed description of the problem and list the steps needed to reproduce it. It can be very useful, if possible, including a backup file (created with the hoteldruid backup system) in the report.
 Bugs, as also simple suggestions, can be reported on the forum or writing to


 If you speak a language that's not present yet in the other languages modules page you can create a new translation as descibed in the README.translation file in the "doc" directory when you download hoteldruid. You can send the translation, together with the authorization to release it under the GNU GPL licence, to once it's finished. Or you can also send a partial translation, so that the work can be continued by other volunteers.
 Even in the case that you speak a language already present in the other languages page you can check if there are phrases added in the last versions that have not been translated yet. In fact, when a new version comes out, the language modules are updated adding the new phrases in english at the end of each translation file.

Adding a link to DigitalDruid.Net

 Adding a link to the hoteldruid home page on DigitalDruid.Net from your site can help increasing its popularity. So, considering the project is open source, the more the hoteldruid utilization spreads, the more chances you'll have that in the future there will be somebody willing to continue its development. For example you can leave the default link that's present when you create an internet template.
 Anyway, if you use hoteldruid internet templates in your site, you can receive a link from the DigitalDruid.Net list of websites reporting your website to


The hoteldruid development is economically supported by the hosting service and by the add-on modules selling. If you're not interested in these services you can make a donation: