Invoice BUG - Creating and Grouping

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Invoice BUG - Creating and Grouping

Post by sli720 » Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:47 am

I have a strange problem. It suddenly occured in the production system maybe after the update to 2.1.4. So I've tried to reconstruct the problem in a fresh installation of hoteldruid 2.1.4 on my laptop and it's the same there:

I have two bookings inserted as the same guest. If I create a bill for only one booking everything is working. But if I create it with both bookings I suddenly get I bill only with extras and total prices. There is no entry with "stay from..." anymore.

And another strange thing is that I can't create a correct bill via bookings overview also with only one booking. I always get the bill without "stay from..." item. I have to go into the booking and create the bill there.

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Please help!

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Re: Invoice BUG - Creating and Grouping

Post by marco » Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:02 pm

this only happens when you don't set taxes for your rates. Anyway you can fix it modifying the file "visualizza_contratto.php", search for the line:

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if (strcmp(risul_query($dati_prenota,0,'tasseperc'),"")) ${"percentuale_tasse_tariffa_".$num1} = risul_query($dati_prenota,0,'tasseperc');
and just after it add this line:

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else ${"percentuale_tasse_tariffa_".$num1} = 0;
This fix will be included in next version (should be 2.2.1).

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