Reservation to existing guest

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Reservation to existing guest

Post by pizzer » Mon Mar 10, 2014 4:57 pm


many thanks for this wonderful program.

One question I have though: if I want to create a new reservation to an existing guest, i can not.
Maybe I also can not find the right place. Otherwise, I would create a lot of guests twice.

Does anyone can help?



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Re: Reservation to existing guest

Post by CutNGlass » Sat Mar 15, 2014 10:48 am

It sounds like you are wanting to allow an existing guest to rent an additional room in their name for a friend or family member -- such as happens when there is a large family.

Simply create a new reservation, using the first and last name (surname) of the existing guest in the reservation.
after pressing the "insert the reservation" button,

When inserting a reservation, and client name(s) which matches already exists, they are displayed with message:

"There are already these clients with the same or similar Last-name and name:"

The client name/numbers are displayed, and you may choose to either:
"Use Client ## for the reservation:
"Insert a new client's data"

If you have repeat customers/guests, you may also enter their address and other information prior to them making reservations. Those client's will then show up when their names match a reservation being inserted. That can save time entering address information later.

You can also use one of the pre-entered customers/guests to be used as a "guest" of someone reserving the room. Also useful when having large groups/ families arriving at different times.

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