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 +Before upgrading you should **make a backup of the database** ​
 +with the php-residence backup system and save backup.php,
 +otherwise you could LOSE ALL DATA! Also check that the new 
 +required software is compatible with your current one.
 +Leave in the folder where php-residence is installed only the 
 +folder dati (with write permission for the web server) deleting ​
 +all the rest. After that, copy the files of the new version ​
 +**(except the folder dati naturally)** and BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE 
 +access the main menu (as administrator user if the login is 
 +activated) and press the "​update"​ button waiting until it ends 
 +to load the page. If add-on modules or themes are used remember ​
 +to copy them too with the new version files.
 +It's possible to change from a postgresql database to a mysql 
 +one or vice versa using the backup system.
 +If you're using a sqlite database the upgrade to a new version ​
 +is not supported, you'll have first to move to a mysql or 
 +postgresql database with the backup system.
 +If you're using a mysql version inferior to 4.1 it's recommended ​
 +to create a backup file before upgrading mysql to a version ​
 +equal or superior to 4.1 and to restore that file just after it.
 +If you are upgrading from a version prior to 1.1 then internet ​
 +templates evetually present in their default locations will be 
 +renamed. Files with the old names including the contents of the 
 +files with the new names will be created too, but it'​s ​
 +recommended to update the links in the rest of your site to 
 +point to the new names.
 +After a succesful upgrade you'll see something like this
 +PHP-RESIDENCE version 1.3.1, Copyright (C) 2001-2010 Marco M. F. De Santis
 +Php-residence comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; ​
 +for details see the file COPYING.
 +This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
 +under certain conditions; see the file COPYING for details.
 +Database updated to version 1.3.1!
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