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 +**Taken from the Readme file.**
 +-If you work between 2 years don't create the new year until it actually begins. You can insert reservations of the next
 +year from the menu of the current year, extra months can be added by selecting the rates table and using the 'Add Periods'​
 +button. When the new year arrives create it and import the reservations from the previous year (to do that the same types
 +of periods of the previous year must be used and if the periods are weekly also the same starting/​ending day of the
 +week). It is recommended to keep atcivated the option in "​configure and customize"​ to automatically create the new year
 +on January the 10th.
 +Basically just wait until the 10th of January in order for the software to create the new year automatically given that you have not unchecked the option in "​configure and customize"​
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