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 <​file>​ <​file>​
 +3.0.1 (11/​02/​2020)
 +-for extra costs as extra beds select if the discount of person type must be applied to the cost
 +-possibility to multiply extra costs only by selected person types (or exclude them)
 +-possibility for certain extra costs to be shown as person type when inserting reservations
 +-let some buttons stay on top-right in their section while scrolling
 +-headers row and first column to stay visible in all tables
 +-show paid and total price of reservations from previous year in month table
 +-try to use the character set utf8mb4 for mysql/​mariadb tables
 +-fixed bug: in "​modify client"​ wrong display of reservations if there are current and deleted ones
 +-fixed bug: possible wrong room assignment with php above 7.1
 +-check webpage directories for duplicates and delete existing webpages if directory removed
 +-now delimiters of html in webpages don't depend on translation and have the code of language
 +-fixed bug: table "​prenotacanc"​ not locked when deleting a client
 +-fixed bug: wrong [document_progressive_number] variable inside documents with php above 7.1
 3.0.0 (07/​11/​2019) 3.0.0 (07/​11/​2019)
 ====================== ======================
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