mailjet responsive mail framework MJML

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mailjet responsive mail framework MJML

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Hi all,

We use the responsive E-Mail templates as shared on
and have come far with them, great add value, we're many happy with it. There are some draw backs in mail clients accepting only text format but considering it's from 2014 there's not much to complain.

Doing responsive e-mails is a pain and a constantly changing topic. Mail clients behave like 20 year old browsers, code needs to be done with tables (no standard css!) and every mail client has it's very own specialties. Biggest headache creator is MS Outlook that implements unstandardized changes with every new release they bring on market. MS Outlook is widely spread though and most decision takers use it, so definitely one that needs to be fully supported. Keeping up with this is a resource eating monster.

Since this affects many developers, an open source framework handling all this exceptions was created:

I'm willing to dive deeper into this and build up templates for e-mails offer, voucher and receipt. the only thing I don't see so far is how to trigger the framework out of HotelDruid. It looks like the framework needs to be installed on the hosting server ...

What do you think, is this something you'd hop on, are you willing to implement MJML?
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