CHANGELOG Version 2.1.3 (29/10/2015)

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CHANGELOG Version 2.1.3 (29/10/2015)

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2.1.3 (29/10/2015)
-added new document "ISTAT C/59_M" with monthly totals to default Italian documents
-when an extra cost is deleted return directly to the costs table
-in inventory when adding/subtracting items display a "+"/"-" in front of quantity box
-"item: old quantity + difference = new quantity" shown when changing quantity of inventory items
-possibility to customize x, + and - buttons in point of sale
-possibility to sort inventory and pos alphabetically instead of insertion order
-fixed bug: modifying a cost removing from stockroom, it was not selected without apartment privileges
-client comment shown in existing clients when inserting a reservation
-privilege to modify interconnections
-custom comments (also available in documents variables and website pages)
-possibility to link agreements to custom client fields in website pages
-fixed bug: error when inserting some extra costs category names
-added privilege to view reservations comment
-possibility to import also customizations from one user to another one in users management
-added origin and insertion date in reservation preview from month table
-fixed bug: when advancing by days in month table too long reservations were not ended
-fixed bug: rates closed with rule 1 were not updated when changing rates order
-fixed bug: messages without a subject were not downloaded
-fixed bug: lock not deleted for documents saved in compressed format
-fixed bug: not updating progressive number when saving documents not linked to any reservation
-updated list of Italian regions and cities
-new document action to assign to a variable the number of days, months or years between 2 dates
-comment imported when inserting a reservation from avaialbility page
-fixed bug: sometimes normal users could not insert a reservation when units were closed with rule 1
-fixed bug: errors when deleting documents with some document names
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