Request for Implementation of Parking Management Feature

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Request for Implementation of Parking Management Feature

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Hello Marco and Hoteldruid community & developers,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to propose a feature that I believe would significantly enhance the functionality of the HotelDruid system - a dedicated parking management feature.

In the context of our operations, we frequently find ourselves managing a number of parking spaces that are in high demand. These spaces are often allocated to reservations, and once a parking space has been assigned to a particular reservation, it should no longer be available for assignment to another reservation.

Currently, we are managing this process through the product inventory feature by treating parking spaces as if they were products. We assign a "parking space" to a reservation and then deduct it from our "inventory". However, this approach is not optimal for several reasons, primarily because a parking space is not exactly a consumable product, but rather a temporarily occupied space.

A feature that allows us to manage parking spaces more intuitively - similar to how we manage rooms - would be of tremendous benefit. Ideally, once a parking space is assigned to a reservation, it would be marked as occupied and would not be available for selection for other reservations until it is freed up.

I believe the addition of such a feature would greatly improve the versatility and functionality of the HotelDruid software, making it an even more comprehensive solution for hotels and similar establishments.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I am eager to hear your thoughts and perspectives on this potential enhancement.

Best regards,

Niko 18
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