Loading rate tables?

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Loading rate tables?

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thx to "covid" and massive construction projects around us we had been out of business for nearly 3 years and are about to reopen. Unluckily i lost my old (2018/2019) rate tables during the "create new year" process. Now i do see that the old rate tables are still in the database so i did dump the 2018 rate table, changed the dates accordingly and did load it as 2022 rate table ("periodi2022"). After this i started the new year / copy old rates process for 2023.

The rates show up correctly when using "http://bookingsite.com/dati/rates_table_tpl.php" BUT they dont show under the "rates" menu in the backend?!

Any other way to load an older rate table?


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Re: Loading rate tables?

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Hello Arnd,
you can extend periods from 2018 until last possible period and then create 2019, and so on for 2020, 2021, etc. You may have to disable the automatic creation of new year, for this you can set the variable "C_GIORNI_NUOVO_ANNO" in file costanti.php in hoteldruid base directory to a very high value, like 100000.

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