Seasons and peak days

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Seasons and peak days

Post by panamatom »

Hi all,

After playing a bit with the software I am suggesting the following feature:

So far it is possible to enter periods with different prices, i.e. high season and low season.
Every year there are different holidays, some are fixed like 1 May and Christmas. Ok, I can manage this easily with the periods mentioned above.
But then there are holidays that are not on the same dates but moving, i.e. Easter and carnival. Integrating them in the price table is a lot to do year by year.

I would like to suggest to handle this problem in two levels:
Low priority: Table with fixed seasons and holidays that can be copied from one year the the next.
High priority (overwrites the price of the low priority days): A second table with moving holidays. Here one only needs to set start and end date new every year.

Automatically identifying a weekend concatenated before or after peak days where the higher price is in effect too would be even better.

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Re: Seasons and peak days

Post by marco »

Hello Tom,
thank you for the suggestion, I've added it to the list of new features (currently planned for 3.4), but please consider that this is a very long list..

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