I hope this is permitted,

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I hope this is permitted,

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So i was reviewing my current PMS on capterra and one of the questions was which was my previous pms and then after i wrote it was hoteldruid they started nagging me about a review and at some point they offered a 20 usd amazon gift card so i caved in! surprinsingly i did get the giftcard!

this is the review i wrote

now they want me to recruit people to review with a promise to give you a 15 usd gift card for the reviewer and the referral.

This is the email i got.
Juan, do you know five other Hoteldruid users?
Thank you for your recent review of Hoteldruid on Capterra. Big news—your review was of such high quality, you’ve been invited to be a part of the Capterra Reviewer Referral Program. Welcome!

Here’s how the referral program works:

1. You have five referral spots, and can refer other users of Hoteldruid.

2. Simply share your link by clicking the button below to go to your referral page.

3. You and your referrals will earn $15 to Amazon each once their review is published. (With a max of five referrals, that’s up to $75 for you!)


Happy Reviewing,
The Capterra Reviews Team
hope you make some easy money.
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