Subordination with easy automated update (no wget needed)

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Subordination with easy automated update (no wget needed)

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Dear all,

Some of you need to copy the master instance of HotelDruid to a slave. There are may reasons for this, one might be your internet connection is not so stable, thus you need local off line access. It is also the simplest backup solution you can have.

If you are looking for the solution, please follow first the instructions on

Most of you will stumble upon the last part, when it comes to automate the update process with wget. I've positively tested another work around for this with a site monitor. I find it much easier to handle scheduled opening of an URL this way than installing wget on a windows computer and leave this computer running 24/7 to avoid interruption in execution.

What is a site monitor?
A site monitor checks periodically if your site is up and running and alerts you in case of any alteration. It will not get in contact with you if the status remained the same since last polling. Site monitor might be another interesting point when you are self hosting or want to check a service provider. I have made very good experience with Winfred van Kuijk's free Google Spreadsheet as described in details on ... readsheet/

Basically, this site monitor opens up periodically one or more URLs and checks what returns. You can set up the URLs and a schedule plan as you wish. So this replaces wget and even brings the benefit of alerts if ever there is a problem with one of the web servers and/or php servers.

In our case we launch the script open/test the URL every hour and achieve and adequate local backup with little obsolescence.

It's all free, just try and get happy with it.

Happy HotelDruiding and brgs 8)
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