Every bill takes number 1 (numero_progresivo_documento)

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Every bill takes number 1 (numero_progresivo_documento)

Post by david »

I'm having a strange trouble: every bill created for a new booking, is numbered as 1. This happens since the number 10 bill. So for, example, a new bill, correctly been named as Factura_2019_00014_5.html.gz, have an incorrect bill number inside, as the text "Factura n. [numero_progresivo_documento] del [fecha_inicial_espannol]" will be converted on Factura n. 1 del 20-10-2019.

In conclusion, the bill number is correct on the file name, but incorrect in the text inside it. Any idea? Looking the code, both numbers are taken from the same variable "numero_progressivo_documento", so something is changing it in any part of the code.

I've never had this problem before this year. I run the last version, as it was updated on March.

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Re: Every bill takes number 1 (numero_progresivo_documento)

Post by marco »

thanks for reporting. This should happen only with php 7.2 or above. Will be solved in next version (should be 3.0.1), meanwhile you can open the file includes/funzioni_contratti.php and search for this line:

$num_prog_contr = "";

then replace it with:

$num_prog_contr = array();

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