Went to https:// using Marco site, suggestions please

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Went to https:// using Marco site, suggestions please

Post by k-graham »

I moved my PlayaLindaHotel.com to hosting with Marcos and if people will look at it I appreciate suggestions.

There is an issue I am having as well, I have a whole hotel rental set up and in Rules have selected all rooms but when I try to book it I get an message "There is not availability anymore in the requested period for type Hotel Completo, hasta 36 personas" yet it shows everything empty?

If you follow to facebook and then "more info" you can see I have placed the booking form their as well. Facebook requires https to allow this. I do find people avoid filling out the form, instead they will send a message in facebook asking prices and availability, I set an autoresponse there as well . Sometimes instead they will use the WhatsApp. I recently found WhatsApp for business was released and is free. I've put a autoresponse there as well.

The above suggests to me that my form is still too complex. For those that have checked out the instant payment form which only requires date entry and number of people entry and then replies back with a listing of all rooms that fill the criteria. Do you think perhaps that would get people to use the form. The difficulty with that is its for instant payment and I don't trust our staff not to have made a mistake and already booked the room. I believe it still needs to send to us with payment method and then we need to reply if vacancy is available the then get the confirmation and payment.

What say you, how do you manage?

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Re: Went to https:// using Marco site, suggestions please

Post by marco »

Hello Ken,
you can also configure the instant payment page to don't ask the payment and redirect to availability page instead.

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