Did we really need icons?

Post here you suggestions and wished features for hoteldruid development.

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Did we really need icons?

Post by bluealmondhostel »

Hi, i don't want to sound like a douchebag whining for something that is good and free, but did we really need icons? the software works well and loads faster without the tiny clip art pictures the last update brought.

Don't get me wrong, I still love the software, but i think there are request that make more sense spend time resources in, personally since I use adblock i just added a rule to block all images and is back to normal

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Re: Did we really need icons?

Post by kyomar »

I fully agree with bluealmondhostel on this one - sorry Marco. In my few it made the application look cheap/unprofessional, which hoteldruid is not at all, quite the opposite. I have never worked with a more flexible reservation system than hoteldruid.

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Re: Did we really need icons?

Post by softfaber »


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Re: Did we really need icons?

Post by AndilgE »

Hi yall,

Under the bottom line HotelDruid is an IT project. Who ever has worked with IT projects before knows that the better the requirements are formed, the better the result will be. On the other hand, shit in=shit out.

Please stop criticizing every new attempt that Marco does. There are lots of negative feedbacks about HotelDruid's front end design and Marco is reacting to them without any concrete feed back about how it should be. Remember, HotelDruid is a low budget service and you simply can't have low budget combined with turning around the point over the i 3 times. I personally love the functions of HotelDruid and depend on Marco's motivation to carry on, so please cheer him up, do not put him down!

Let's start to gather the requirements here and make this post a positive and motivating thing!

My wish list about the design is the following:
Change to html5 and responsive design using a modern front end template like the ones here
http://designscrazed.org/free-responsiv ... templates/

This will need money for development since Marco is not a front end engineer as far as I understand. How about financing by crowd founding? HotelDruid is free software, but design always is costly. How many of you using HotelDruid never payed a buck and are willing to pay 10 Dollars or Euros now? Let's stay realistic, money makes the thing go round, not blablabla.


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Re: Did we really need icons?

Post by marco »

Hi all,
with new version you have the possibility to revert to old style "simple theme". I think icons make it clearer/faster to use the software for the operator. Load times are not a problem as they are all background images, you can click the button even before the image is loaded, and if you have cache enabled in your browser they only need be loaded once per session.

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