New and improved online check-in feature

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New and improved online check-in feature

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Post lock-down recommendations for hotels include minimizing direct face to face contact with guests. In that perspective, online check-in is both a safer and often more convenient process. Hoteldruid already has online check-in built-in, with some limitations and average usability.

A new online check-in web-app would have the following advantages:
  • fully customizable (data to be displayed, number of steps, elements per step)
  • access to the check-in page through a personalized link (no login required)
  • inclusions of a web-based passport / ID scanner (for guests to quickly insert ID data; could also be used by staff when checking in face to face)
  • updated graphics by default
The embedded passport scanner is a "nice to have" feature that makes sense, IMO: speed and convenience for the guest, as well as good accuracy. Problem is: this comes with a cost (around 0.2€ / scan) and a minimum number of scans (20 000 / year). The cost would be acceptable for us, but not the minimum scan figure, as we are a small hotel (more info:

Hence, this post is to find out:
Is anyone interested in a new online check-in feature ?
If yes, would you also be interested in the ID scanner feature ?

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