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PayPal module

Post by gonesouth »

I have been running PHP Residence for nearly a year and find it works well, once you sort through the misunderstandings caused by my inability to read Italian. I have it installed on my website host in the US, and do not see using the digitaldruid hosting site as a practical answer for me.

So, I am looking at buying the PayPal module with the idea of having a deposit requirement at some times of the year and running with a zero deposit the rest of the time in order to allow people to confirm their reservation without needing a confirmation call or email. I want to do this to run last minute specials off our website based on the rate only being available with full payment at time of booking. I understand the issues with allowing confirmed reservations without a deposit, but I haven't been burned yet, and anyway we dump unused, unguaranteed reservations at 4PM, so the only risk is in turning away a reservation when we have a dud in the database.

A friend of mine does an emailing with weekly specials like this for his golf courses and has sold an extra $100,000 in rounds of golf in 2008, which caught my attention!

Is there anybody who is running the module and can tell me - can I set a zero deposit, and have PHPResidence insert the reservation untouched, or does it still require a code back from PayPal which it will never get since there's no payment made?

Also, is it complicated to set up full deposits so I can run a special for a single night and require full payment for it?


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Post by marco »

The Paypal module works only with a deposit (you can set it at 100% though). In a future version (1.2 probably) there will be the possibility to reserve online without deposit but with credit card data and email validation. Anyway I recommend the hosting as you'll have to buy a new module each upgrade, you can run it along your current hosting and it is actually based in the US.

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