Issues for HotelDruid hosting

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Issues for HotelDruid hosting

Post by gonesouth »

I have been using phpResidence for several years on my regular server. We allow bookings without payment of a deposit and have had no issues. We also have several days that we only book with full payment. We would like to try and some of the other sites, but there are several issues that come up if we go to hosting.

1. We have recently had a rash of customers who don't want their name and address on a US based server, presumably because of the Patriot Act...........

2. Can we use the system with a zero deposit and no credit card info?

3. Can we set conditions and vary those conditions. The following conditions come to mind:
a) two specific dates with higher rates and requirement for 100% payment on booking, unless blocked by me for bookings made by phone.
b)sales for near-term booking for specific dates , with partial or full deposit as we choose.
c) special packages with discount for payment on booking for specific dates, perhaps with added dates at regular prices. The same dates would also be offerred at regular rates with no deposit.

I would plan to keep our current Normal based website and use the iframe wrapper to transit to the HotelDruid server.

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Re: Issues for HotelDruid hosting

Post by marco »

Hello, servers are currently based in London. With no payment and credit card info the reservation can't be inserted automatically, only a request for reservation can be sent (like the standard availability page, but with instant booking page you can also show room types at second step with description and photos). All the features of hoteldruid are included on hosting, so you can use extra costs to apply some booking rules (also in instant booking page, that works the same way as the availability page in this respect).

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