Templates for add-on modules

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Templates for add-on modules

Post by nethead »

Hello Marco,

i assume one can change the layout of the add-on module for online booking and payment? Would it be possible to see the html/css files for those?

Then, is it possible to create a booking process like this:

Choose-Dates -> Choose Room(s) -> Choose extra Packages -> Personal Data -> Downpayment OR Reservation-Check

I did send you an email with visual and functional examples. I can pay for custom development.

best regards,


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Re: Templates for add-on modules

Post by marco »

Hello Arnd,
you can change the layout with html (before and after the form, including headers), css and javascript. The booking steps can be changed only with the options available when creating the instant booking webpage, like selecting room type at first step or showing a list of (available) room types at second step. Extra packages (hoteldruid optional extra costs) can be selected in the same page of room type.

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