Availability Webpage no email replies

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Availability Webpage no email replies

Post by martinb »

Hello all, I have made an availability webpage and then I tried to test it and have not received any emails. I have checked the address in the PHP and spam etc,. any ideas would be much appreciated. Cheers, Martin

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Re: Availability Webpage no email replies

Post by k-graham »

I assume this is not with HotelDruid hosting?

Was it working and quit or is first time setup attempt?

It needs to be on a server capable of sending email. For instance info@yourdomainname.com

Make sure you can send email from the server outside of this program as sometimes the webhost fails and needs to reboot their servers.
When you know the email server is actually working,

I have had it happen on older versions where I had to delete the forms and then create them as it did not want to overwrite the faulty form. Check with something like Filezilla that you actually have deleted the forms before recreating.


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