Problem with instant booking

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Problem with instant booking

Post by frank_did »

Hello Marco,
I need the possibility for an instant booking. It's because our business became rather quick, reservations from come and go and the hoteldruid reservation system on our own website is too slow because it doesn't book but it only sends a reservation request.
At 11pm one customer reserves the last free room. I'm sleeping at this time and another customer gets the last free room with The first customer is disappointed, of course. That is really not good.

I looked over the website settings and the config-pages but I didn't find any possibility to allow an instant booking, so that the reserved room is blocked for others.

I tried the instant booking module and I found that I need the possibility for an instant payment. Normally I only accept cash so that module is not suitable for my needs.

Do you have any suggestions to solve the problem?
Best regards

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Re: Problem with instant booking

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Hello Frank,
I believe we were able to solve this through hosting email support. Javascript was used to fill credit card data with default values and to hide these fields from the user.

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