add the column [Price_tot_p]

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add the column [Price_tot_p]

Post by leorescia »

I created a document with the list of reservations for a certain period, and the list is displayed with the data of each booking:
[/ R]
My question is how do to that after showing the full list show me the total money of those reserves. Ie the total column [price_tot_p]?
I do not get all the way to add that column. Thank you

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Re: add the column [Price_tot_p]

Post by bluealmondhostel »

I think you have to make a loop using custom variables adding the total of each reservation.

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Re: add the column [Price_tot_p]

Post by marco »

you can use the default variable [price_tot_repetitions_sum_p] that sums the total price of all reservarions selected for the document.

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