MariaDB 10 and different socket

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MariaDB 10 and different socket

Post by AndilgE »

Hi all,

I'm running HotelDruid on a Synology DM218+ and it's been working like a charm for many month. An upcoming Aynology firmware version will require migration from Maria DB 5 to 10. Version 10 is reverse compatible with version 5, so basically not a problem for HotelDruid.

Synology implemented a dedicated MariaDB 10 socket
and port

Now when I do fresh installation from scratch, I an define a port, but no chance in defining a dedicated socket. As a result it never connects to the data base.

Is there a way to get around this problem at all?

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Re: MariaDB 10 and different socket

Post by alexandre »


got the samezeverything works except that my database never gets updated now !!
any update on this ?
I m runing latest version 3.0.3

is db_hoteldruid file used instead ?

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Re: MariaDB 10 and different socket

Post by marco »

there is only the option to connect to mysql/mariadb through a tcp port, not a socket. If you have the file db_hoteldruid in dati then you're using sqlite as database.

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