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Post by pward1321 »

Is there a way to organize reports as to arrival date/ departure date, maybe an checked in report?

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Re: Reports

Post by Niko18 »

Yes there is button called "reservations" on the menu bar at the top, you can choose between arrivals, departure and future. Also there you can make a document to personalize your report using custom variables and styles.



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Re: Reports

Post by AndilgE »

Hi Niko,

Sorry for this late reaction.

You can run a script that export a csv spreadsheet. Find more details about this on

This gererates a table with all booking details per month, I couldn't do without.

Brgs, Andi

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Re: Reports

Post by Liam John »

could you please tell me which framework you are using creating this all stuff?
is this Magento?

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