Inventory Management in HotelDruid


Description of Rooms and Stockrooms Inventory Management

 With hoteldruid you can record in an inventory the items existing in a room or stockroom, so that you can easily detect missing goods and their quantities. For example through a room inventory you can manage the provisions of an in room minibar or through a stockroom inventory those of a restaurant or bar.

 For this purpose you can create an extra cost that, at the moment of its selection, will automatically delete some specific items from the inventory of the room occupied by the reservation or from a stockroom. So, for example, by assigning an extra cost called "first course" to a reservation you can delete all the ingredients needed for that "first course" from the inventory of a stockroom called "restaurant". Following this example, taking advantage of the hoteldruid privileges system, you can allow the users that connect to the program from the restaurant to only modify reservations by adding or deleting extra costs connected to the restaurant menu.

 If, when inserting the extra cost, the required items are not present in the inventory then an error message will be displayed. In the case it is a room inventory, and the reservation can still be moved in other rooms, the hoteldruid automatic assignment will try to move the reservation in a room which has still available the items required by the extra cost in its inventory.

 If, accessing the inventory of a room or stockroom, there is an item which quantity is below the default minimum, then you will be able to refill it from other rooms that have the quantity of this item over the minimum or from stockrooms where the item is available.

Rooms Cleaning Management Through the Rooms Inventory

 Through a room inventory it is possible to manage rooms cleaning in an alternative way to the one described in the section about extra costs. It will suffice to insert in the inventory of each room an item called "cleaning" and to create an ad hoc extra cost called "cleaning" that, even with a price of zero, when it is inserted will delete the "cleaning" item from the room inventory.

 To the cleaning staff will suffice to check the rooms where the "cleaning" item is missing to know which ones have to be cleaned, and they will be able to restore it once they have finished. Through the hoteldruid privileges system you can create users that are allowed only to see and modify the quantity of the "cleaning" item in rooms inventory.

 Furthermore before registering the check-in of a reservation you will be able to select for the reservation the "cleaning" extra cost, so that it will be moved in a room that has already been cleaned, and that room will loose its "cleaning" item. So this method has the advantage that you don't have to manually check the clean rooms at the moment of registering the check-in.