Notes on the 'bugs and errors' forum

Post here if you think you have found a bug in hoteldruid or error in its documentation.

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Notes on the 'bugs and errors' forum

Post by marco » Sun Nov 30, 2008 8:36 pm

If the reported bug has enough details to be reproduced by the DigitalDruid.Net staff then it will be dealed with as soon as possible. If the bug is considered serious a file with the correction will be posted or a new version of hoteldruid will be released.

Reporting bugs (programming errors) helps hoteldruid getting better quality. But to be sure that these reports are truly helpful there are some rules to follow. The most important one is that, if the bug has been found on an installation of hoteldruid where the source code has been even slightly modified, you should try to verify if you can replicate the bug on the original hoteldruid code, before reporting it. In fact reporting bugs due to other's people modifications takes away time from the development of new hoteldruid features. If you find out that the bug is caused by your alterations, the DigitalDruid staff, as always, will be available to explain how the original code works. Also check that you are running the latest hoteldruid version, as the bug may already have been solved in a newer version.

It's also a good practice sending a detailed description of the problem and list the steps needed to reproduce it. It can be very useful, if possible, including a backup file (created with the hoteldruid backup system) in the report, if you don't want to show it on the forum you can send it to .

Any post that does not respect the topic of this forum will be deleted or moved to the appropriate forum. Specifically if the bug is not considered to be a hoteldruid bug, but a problem in your web server or database configuration, then the post will be moved to the "unsupported questions" forum.